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    Hi I’m Mark from near Rochester in Kent and have just acquired a b4 import which I’m restoring back to it’s former glory ! I only ever saw one of these back in the day that used to be outside the Hope (bikers pub) in gillingham and always liked the look of it although I was more into two strokes then. Looking forward to riding it soon!


    Hi, Mark, congratulations. You won’t regret it. My 1978 B3 is currently under restoration, also a US import. I had a new B1 in 1976 and loved it, so I’m going back there. If you get stuck with anything you’ll find answers here, KaptainKwak is the ultimate oracle!


    Hi Marksav and welcome to the site.

    As coleighf said you won’t regret it and I am so pleased to hear you want her in her former glory. I am currently restoring my UK registered B1 which will be followed by a UK registered B2. With coleighf’s B3 and your B4 we are well on the way to getting a full set of original 750 twins together here in the UK. I also have Ki and M models which will in time be restored to original condition.

    I look forward to seeing and helping if I can with you progress.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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