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    Hi guys!
    I spent last weekend with my son in the Dolomites, not with a Twin but with a car. Nevertheless, it was great and it is definitely one of the best destinations to travel with a motorcycle (or a car), truly spectacular roads and scenery.

    Here are some photos, if you need any fresh information about the roads, just ask.

    The route

    Found this poor bike along the way, first I thought it is the 750, but I think it is 440

    Passo Pordoi from the top

    On the way to Stelvio (photo by Stelvio foto)

    Stelvio pass – crowded as ever

    On the way to Bormio

    Under the Passo Gavia



    Hi Marko,

    thank you for the pics and good memories.
    Every few years I am doing the Sella ronda.
    Parts of it are in your tour, Arabba is one.

    I’ve heard that there are some limitations for motorbikes on that Sella ronda.
    (Passo Sella, Passo Pordoi, Passo Campolongo and Passo Gardena)
    Have you found a sign describing that ?

    Cheers, Michael

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    Hi Michael,

    this time we passed three of those passes (Sella, Pordoi and Campolongo), and I haven’t seen any such signs. The “Sellaronda Bike day” was on Saturday, so the road was open only for cyclists on that day, and a lot of people were practicing already on Friday when we were there.

    I heard that some people are complaining about the motorcyclists in the Dolomites, but my experience this time was that 99% of bikers were riding safely. To be honest, I found the groups of cyclist to be the most annoying road users on the passes, and I do a lot of cycling myself! If there is only one, it’s OK, but if there is a group of 10, it is quite difficult to pass them safely, especially with a car.

    Cheers, Marko


    Thank you Marko !

    Have good times 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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