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    went to set the timing today…
    new points etc,,
    highlighted the marks..
    just cant get it spot on because the
    base plate will not move round enough
    anyone else had this problem?????????


    Hi Samuria,

    I have no idea about the Bs point ignition but want to understand your issue 😉

    Is the adjustable range of the ground plate not sufficient?

    I’ve found an instruction in a german language manual. Here is the very brief version of it:
    -first set the points contact gap
    -second set the ground plate position
    -third check timing with stroboscope or electrical angle measurement unit (?), no idea if that is the correct word 😉

    Attached two pictures related to first and second. Pictures file names are for the order, not related to B model numbering.
    To get it more confusing there are numbers on the pictures themselves 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    might be crossed wires here…
    iam trying to line up the timming marks with a strobe light…
    the base plate wont move round enough


    Hi Samurai

    If the baseplate isn’t moving round enough then something else is wrong. Maybe the points aren’t the right ones. Do they match the old ones exactly? Are you sure your trying to line up the correct marks? The timing mark is the one before TDC.

    I never use a strobe. I always do the timing with a bulb and get it spot on that way.

    If you wish I can explain how to do it that way.


    hi andy.
    that would be useful…

    as for the points…
    looking on flea bay..there seem to be
    many different ones right and left ?
    i just thought they would be the same.


    The left points are for our bikes and the fours. The right points are for the fours only

    London Irish

    Hi Samuri,

    Got a G1 myself bought it as a runner, very rough. Went to change points only to find new points didnt fit on back plate (diferent shape) let alone open at the right time. Back plate didnt look like the one in the manual so I bought a new one with points and condenser already fitted. looks right, havent tried it yet, bike still in bits !! let you know ….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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