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    Has anyone got an ultrasonic cleaner !. i am looking at buying one for things such as cleaning my carbs. Does anyone know the does and don’ts of ultrasonic cleaners and any experiences they have had with one.


    Purchased one years ago and to be honest, not worth the expense. Only lasted just over 12 months and the heating element went belly up. Plus fluid is not cheap, though you can use others (take a look on utube)
    My option for cleaning up parts is the dishwasher (when the wifes away) But don’t use if you have to add salt due to hard water. Just use the tablet.
    And a 60 min cycle.
    Parts come out clean. heads, barrals, crankcases and carbs. I then always wash them down in diesal and use an airline to flush through and the wifes tooth brush to remove any stuborn stuff. By the way its an old tooth brush that i use?
    Have mates that have them and all seem to have the same problem re something going wrong?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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