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    A couple of weeks ago I met up with Beachcomber, who was being kind enough to borrow me a desperately needed brake caliper for my bike while I got the one I’d stripped the bleed nipple from fixed.

    This is exactly the sort of thing we had in mind in setting this club up, people helping each other to keep an ancient bike where every part short of the spark plugs is made from unobtainium on the road. It’s small but it’s working well, and Beachcombers generosity is a shining example, cheers mate.

    Then there’s his bike of course. A wonderful creation destined to literally ‘blow away’ (geddit? lol) whatever likely lad with a gixxer might like to try it on. More power to your elbow!

    Well, I posted a cropped pic of the front wheel on a Classic Japanese Bike forum on facebook, saying how well I thought a big drum fits in the general feel of the bike. What I got was the stream of abuse I’ve pasted below.

    I’ve been on that forum a long time, and the closest anythings ever got to that stream of hate was the loathsome (not Lonesome!) Honda CJ250T. I’ve been unfortunate enough to run one of those, and trust me there is NO chance of anyone setting up a site dedicated to it. Even then, there is more a sort of jeering feeling toward the bike rather than the sheer hate spat out here. It’s very hard to explain, many, many bikes have roadtested worse than this did in its day but the old prejudice lingers on, maybe even feeds itself. There’s some sort of Pavlovian thing going on here, a mob reflex.

    Whatever, sod the haters, we know who’s right and who’s wrong and we’ll be laughing as their RD’s and (ffs!!!) Suzi GT750 Kettles rust sulking, in their garages.



    You need to ignore these heathen types. They obviously don’t know what we do or the bikes can do and don’t have any assistance like this site can offer.

    F*&k em and let them live their rose tinted glasses lives. As long as we are happy it just doesn’t matter and works in our favour.




    As they say, “Opinions are like noses.  Everybody has one.”

    Good shot of Beachcomber and his bike!


    Just got to grips with where I’m meant to be at with the sites!

    You’re welcome Lonesome – hope it got you out of the smelly stuff.

    Now the wedding is out of the way [ just my Daughter’s 50th in 2 weeks ! ] then my life is my own again.

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