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    Over the years I have had many speciality springs made and latterly for http://www.ramshox.com. – site is being replaced – but it will give you an idea.

    I will be needing upgraded items for my Glemseck project.

    Many of you will know that Redditch is the spring capital of the UK – remember “Terry’s Springs” ? You will if you’ve rebuilt many Brit bikes –  best valve springs available – allegedly.

    My tame spring man will make me just a set if I ask nicely, but as with the other springs now available from Realm Engineering, makes sense to have a batch made. Gets the cost down and everyone benefits from  a bespoke product at an off the shelf price.

    So, any interest ?&l

    Particularly those peeps with the dreaded “air assist” front forks !

    I did a replacement progressive fork spring for my Vindicator Cafe Racer [ Yamaha TR1 based }and it transformed the handling – not to mention a simplified set up and maintenance.

    So here’s what I plan to investigate:

    Progressive fork springs
    Uprated clutch springs – say 25%- 30%

    Anyone interested ?

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    I just paid a visit to my tame spring man.

    Absolutely NO problem. He has ample stocks of the correct grade high quality spring wire to make both clutch and fork springs.

    I WILL go ahead with the clutch springs anyway. I need to order 100 springs minimum, which is only 20 bike’s worth ! Just as a matter of interest I’ll check the price availability of OEM clutch springs.

    The fork springs are another matter, as the unit cost is significantly higher – not huge, but I have to be certain there is interest before I commit to placing an order. However, I expect a unit cost of less than £75 / pair with an initial order of 50 springs.

    Like I said – any interest ??


    I’ve had no interest in either sets of springs – so that’s a non starter.

    I’ve found some uprated Barnett clutch springs, but they’re only about 10% uprated – not really what I need for the Glemseck project, but cheap enough for the TD [ £20 / set ].

    I’ll probably pull the old pals act and get my tame spring man to wind up a set of progressive springs for my project. He owes me big time for work I’ve put his way  – so time to call in  the favour !




    Somebody want to send me a sample clutch spring ?

    I’m getting 5 sets made for myself [ 1 x TD , 1 x Glemseck and 3 spare sets for Glemseck ].

    These will be 30% stronger than stock, and 10% more than the Barnett ” Hi Performance” items.


    If there is any interest before I pull the trigger on these I can add to the order. Has to be in increments of 5 sets to keep the prices right.

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