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    coming up to doing my first valve adjustment on my 83 s2. I find anything to do with engine work super intimidating.

    Do i need to purchase a full set of shims in advance?
    Should i be searching for an OEM valve cover gasket or are there any after market ones that are good quality?
    Any tips you guys have would be incredibly helpful.


    PS I know to not adjust the cam chain tension with the cover off.


    Hi Jett

    Firstly you need to measure the valve clearances. When you have determined which (if any) shims need replacing you will need to know what size shim is already fitted so you can work out the sizes you need.

    You will need to remove the valve cover but the rest can all be done without removing the camshafts.

    Shims can be found on fleabay but generally they are large sizes for which there is very little call as usually shim changes are for smaller ones and they are not cheap. I believe there is a place in OZ making them still but again not cheap.

    However I do have quite a large stock of shims here.

    As far as valve gaskets are concerned if you remove the cover carefully you may be able to reuse the existing gasket. Even a rip does not render them useless. I have successfully reused gaskets in 4 pieces by using liquid gasket on both sides and piecing back together. Personally I have had no trouble with aftermarket gaskets but I always use liquid gasket. Some members have had troubles with Athena gaskets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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