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    The Time Is Gonna Come !

    By 1st of April we will move to a, new to us, but old farm house.

    We will have a 3-room-flat with large kitchen and bathroom first.
    Within the next year we will have an option to rent the complete “living house” as well, that is currently occupied by an old lady.
    Looks like she will move to a retirement home.

    There is a barn included were my workshop will be installed and a lot of space for anything is existing 😉
    Two wide doors, one in the front and one in the rear of the barn allows to go in forward and to leave it forward.

    At the rear of the barn there is a long roof extention which provides a rain and snow protected area in addition.

    An auxiliary building is available as well. That is suited to park the complete bikes and rolling chassis in there.

    A garden is included as well, but we are not perfectly sure how large it is, as there are no fences 😉

    Overall it needs some TLC, but we are very happy to have found this house, just 500 m away from our current house !

    Cheers, Maria and Michael


    The “garden area” behind the house.

    In the center of the last pic you see the house we are currently living in 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Congratulations Michael. Looks like a nice place! That barn should hold a lot of bikes and the loft a lot of parts. 🙂


    That looks a beautiful place Michael and Maria. I would love to live somewhere like that.

    May I suggest it as a future IG annual meet venue? Hee Hee


    Thank you guys !

    It will be a Twin meeting point for sure and our private summer party is already scheduled:
    Fr. 4th to Su. 6th of August 2017.

    You are invited 😉

    Well, we will move from beginning of April, have to sort several things (house, garden, hut, workshop, etc.) during May and from Fr. 9th of June this years bike season starts with FOT !!!

    Picked the double sided terrasse door off the flat today (full glass version) to have it available as part of the workshop entrance door.

    Let me try if that will work 😉

    Cheers, Michael

    Ah, BTW:
    All windows and the terrasse door where removed today, only main entrance door remained. House is open to anyone this night, luckily it is not raining. Tomorrow new windows and terrasse doors will be installed.



    Ordered a spraying device, to be blown by a compressor, to paint the walls in white.

    Will save the brick optic, looks clean and will enlighten the room.
    In addition I will mount the lamps from my existing workshop over here.

    Parts storage in the loft needs some construction work to create a reliable floor to walk on. Only the loft above the workshop is reliable at the moment.

    Sure I will work on isolating the “roof” of my workshop, but want to preserve the massive wooden beams. Isolating the complete roof of the barn is out of scope.
    Putting some hooks in the beams will help to hang frames or parts of the Twins onto that.

    Cheers, Michael


    Your invitation is graciously accepted Michael. Thank you. I do hope one day pretty soon I will take you up on the offer.

    I am now though expecting to see a 750 twin palace. No pressure ha ha


    Well, there is some progress 😉

    New windows and terrasse door installed.
    White, plastic frame and triple glass for insulation. Looks good and works perfectly.

    All walls trimmed where required and painted in white. Looks good.

    New dark laminate floor, which we have selected, is installed incl. shoulder / strip (german: Randleiste) in three of three rooms. Looks very good 😉

    Tuesday or Wednesday the new inside doors incl. their new frames will be installed and the last pieces of the floor shoulder fitted to it as well.

    Within the next days an electrician is coming and will do his work as well.
    Swapping some old/broken power sockets, installing a new socket for the fridge in it’s new location and will help me to find the power connections to the barn.
    In the “under-roof-area” at the outside of the barn there is even a 3-phase power socket with an IEC60309 plug. These round, red connectors.
    In Germany we have 3L+N+PE, 400 V (Phase to phase), 50 Hz and fusing is 16A per phase, so this can power up to 11 kW !
    Enough to power strong maschines like saws or welding equipment 😉

    We, especially Maria, packed some moving boxes already, so we prepare to leave our current house lets say by Easter (mid April).

    I have done some garden work at our new house already and my son Nils will repair/look after the lawn tractor. We have already found an uncharged battery and no fuel in the tank.

    I have to look after the workshop, the barn, the garage and all of our (my) bike stuff, but there is a wider timeframe to do that.

    Overall it looks like a smooth move and we are full of pleasant anticipation 😉

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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