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    Today I decided to tackle one of the jobs on my to do list. Fix the electric start got the vote for first job, after draining the oil I removed the engine covers while my brother removed the starter motor he proceeded to strip the motor while I checked the starter clutch. Everything was fine with the clutch but the starter motor looked like someone had greased it, after a good clean and reassembly the bike started with the new battery from my brothers chop but the old battery from the CSR is not up the job so scratch fix starter from the list add get new battery.



    That is a good call. The starter circuit is this bikes Achilles heel.

    Can I recommend the Motobatt. I have 2 running twins atm which both have these fitted. I have left one for over 7 months without touching and she still fired up.


    Hi KK

    I have ordered a lithium battery, incredibly expensive but with very good cold cranking amps if it is as good as they say it will be worth the cost.



    New Battery arrived and fitted, now have a working starter.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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