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    Evening folks,

    Not been on for a good while but I’m the one with the Brat Scrambler style KZ750. Bike is in completely stripped with frame in for paint and such goodies! Engine strip and rebuild (first time for me)so looking for some advice.

    Anyway, looking to reinstate some electrics to the bike as the makers (www.twinthing.co.uk) stripped indicators and starter button wiring but i’m not into kick a bike over for the fun of it!

    Anyone made a wiring loom on here before? As I’m breaking into the wiring to add wires I’ve downloaded a diagram with the intention of making new any old / worn looking ones.

    Anyone non electrical had a stab at making a wiring loom or any advice on where i can get a good / new one? Only old ones from the US that i can find?

    Cheers Luke


    Good question piewalker. I have only repaired wiring harnesses and replace sections to make a good one from 2 or more. As you say good 2nd hand ones are hard to find and new almost impossible. My wiring harnesses are from CSR models and I might have the odd B but would have no idea which model.

    I would suggest your best bet is to rebuild the missing/damaged bits as needed.


    Thanks for that. Opened up the harness today and happy to report that there seem to be some wires taped back and not in use. Hopefully indicators, starter motor, indicators, horn etc etc. Just going to tackle it as I go so I’m using up / taking wires out of the equation as i go.

    Will post some pics once done.


    Just for your inspiration.
    It is for the small Yamaha Twins.

    A minimum of cables to be road legal in Germany for bikes before 1978.
    I like this simple schematic 😉
    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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