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    Sorry to hear about Shoes unfortunate accident. Glad to hear he’s already on the mend.
    From me and my family, we wish you a quick recovery, and no lasting effects from this mishap.


    Shoe update, copied from KZR:

    “Today’s report on shoe is that he is resting comfortably and responding to pain management. He is experiencing some kidney problems because of the trauma from the accident, but they are addressing that at this time. He is not quite out of the woods yet.”


    Mine and my families thoughts are with ya shoe bud!

    You can do it mate

    Speak soon



    just heard,wot a bummer,take care mate and get well soon.


    get well soon shoe, lets hope theres a public hanging of the car driver


    ok folks , here’s the latest from mrs shoe – thankfully it’s looking better .

    Hi, Just got home and Shoe is slowly recovering.
    Surgeon was in this evening and since leg and vitals are stable he is going into surgery .
    In the morning to set and pin one of his broken fingers.
    Dr. said it will be best in the long run so he will be able to use it and it won’t be as painful.
    He still a great deal of pain.
    Shoe will be moving to a regular room if all stays stable after surgery on wednesday …
    and then the aggressive therapy will start.
    Thank you for all the prayers .


    Thats good news whip


    ok folks here’s the update ,
    shoe will still be in the hodpital for another two weeks ….
    so let’s all send him a card !!

    Good Morning, Dave got moved to the rehab floor Thursday afternoon. The drs. say about 10 – 14 days of therapy and he should be able to come home and do out patient closer to home. He will have 2 hours therapy in the morning and then 1 hour in the afternoon. He is allowed to have cards now in his room if you want to send a card the address is:

    Dave Converse Room 714
    c/o Metro Health Medical Center
    2500 Metro Health Dr.
    Cleveland, Ohio 44109


    unfortunately our mate shoe had a car pull out in front of him .
    it was very close to his home and he was only doing 40mph on his cafe twin .
    he was flown to cleveland metro hospital’s intensive care unit.
    thankfully he made it through surgery and is in good shape considering .
    despite pins and plates in his right femur, two broken fingers and a severly lacerated ankle .
    thank goodness for the air ambulance …
    get well soon shoe !


    howdy all !
    spoke to shoe this evening ,
    and thankfully he’s at home and recovering …
    of all the cars to pull out in front of him ,
    he hit a tank – a lincoln continental …
    but he’s in good spirit and appreciative of your thoughts ,
    the lacerated ankle will take some time to heal ,
    and there will be a lot of physio aswell …
    get well soon buddy !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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