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    Hi guys,

    despite the Kawa Z750Twins I own a Yamaha RD80LC1. For the german market it was made as type 10X in 1982 only. As it is single seat only over here the sales success was very limited !

    My one has changed over time and now I want to bring it back to live !
    It needs a gearbox repair (swap of 6th gear) and the swap of swing arm bearings.
    All other wear parts to check, clean, grease, repair, refurbish or replace.

    This is how it is in the moment:


    … and this is how it may look like when finished:

    What do you think about it ?

    Cheers, Michael


    … here a link how this bike looks, feels and behaves:

    First 26 sec a maschine is running in the background 🙁

    Same bike, shorter video:

    Cheers, Michael


    At last a 2 stroke nutter. Restored many over the years from a NS400R, GT500, T250J, GT380J.
    Your project will be fun and when completed. Head down on the tank and
    The wnd behind you should give ya 60 mph
    or are you going for a tune up to gain more?
    smaller 2 strokes big in the uk at the mo to restore and can fetch mega wonga.
    All the best with your project.


    Thank you !
    Official speed is 91 km/h right now, which is about what you’ve guessed 🙂

    From the wild times there is still a Malossi 110 ccm cylinder kit, a larger carb and K+N filter as well as a longer transmitted drive chain kit in my warehouse.
    Carbon membranes are waiting as well and I just bought a Gianelli exhaust system. Not intended for the LC1 (1982) but street legal for LC2 (1983) which should give a good chance at the TÜV/MOT. Cylinder is the same, so exhaust will match there without modification.

    I have the gear sprocket pair for 6th gear already and a complete gasket and sealing ring set, too.

    Have to find a matching rear fairing and then the fun begins 🙂

    Cheers, Michael


    Nice bike and project Michael. I don’t know where you find the time . . .


    The fun started when you purchased.


    I’ve found and ordered a seat / rear fairing:

    ultraslim, made of glass fiber

    Maybe I have to cut it the whole length and to widen it by approx 2 cm.
    Have still some glass fiber material left 😉

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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