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    Thats a very kind offer.

    As much as i would love to attend your meeting Michael i fear i have too much on this year but you just never know . . .

    We are keeping in touch for 2014 though which is plenty of time for everyone to arrange to attend


    Hi KK,
    I understand 😉
    We may arrange a 2. International Z750Twin meeting in France for 2014.
    What about that ?
    Any ideas where this may gonna happen?
    Cheers, Michael


    Hi Lonesome Twins,
    I know that it is a long way to go for you but I will go 1.000km (single way) to Cote d’ Azur this May 😉 Just for fun and to go across the Alps (if there is no snow anymore!)

    I like to invite you to come to our meeting 😉
    Have a look at this:
    and then go on with this site (in german language but Google Chrome will help you, as described !
    Z750Twin meeting 2013 in Germany:

    We have already 16 Twin riders confirmed to this meeting, 8 who hasn’t decided yet. I expect several more over time til June and of course more of the ones who are in the region, where this meeting will gonna happen 😉
    Give it a try, spend a week of your holidays travelling to and back to this Twin-meeting!
    Stay in contact with KK (Kaptainkwak) and get things organised.

    We = Werner (the Organiser), myself and the german 750Twin community love to give you a warm welcome and a cold beer – to YOU !!!
    Let’s stay in contact on that 😆
    Cheers, Michael


    It sounds good to me.

    I have not thought about where but i will do now. Do you have any ideas or indeed does anyone else?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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