Confessions of a Member

Marko 25-07-15

Yesterday I went on a ride along the Adriatic coast, as planned. The weather was OK, mostly cloudy with quite heavy wind. The road is probably really one of the most beautiful in the Europe, as people who ride much more than me are saying. Scenery is very impressive and the road is very twisty with surprisingly good tarmac. Summer however is not the best time to do it, due to quite heavy traffic. And if you go there, don't take the speed limit signs too seriously (outside of the towns of course). A few numbers: Total distance covered (there and back): 490 km Average speed: around 60 km/h Average fuel consumption: 5,2 l/100 km Problems with the bike: NONE! Cheers, Marko

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One thought on “Confessions of a Member

  1. Looks great Marko, I’m jealous. A Twin echoing through the mountains is a glorious noise, beaten only by several Twins​ ?.

    One day we’ll get our act together and organise a tour on these lines.

    Nice one.

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