• Good to meet up with you fella’s. Thanks for the Z twin sticker Phil. Worth at least a bacon butty if we meet up at Rivington Barn at some stage. I think it was Mark asking me about the screen on my bike. Apologies to Chris if it was you. It cost

  • Born again after 10 years out of the saddle. I’ve never owned one of these and I like it enough to keep. My last bike was an air head boxer RS100 same year as the kawa and you do get use to the torque so I wasn’t disapointed when I rode the B twin. Do they all take a long time to warm up? I find I need choke for quite a while. Other than that all…[Read more]

  • Philpass has encouraged me to give some background as I’m a new member. If any of you read my first posting which was a reply to Philpass then you will gather I’m a novice of using a forum web page. In fact I’m not sure if I should keep replying directly to you Philpass as it seems the easiest way but what the heck I’ll see where this lands if I…[Read more]