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  • good afternoon its wolvo snakey
    six weeks ago was looking at some pictures that i posted a year ago of a cafe racer that i had started to bodge together but stopped cause im a waste of space , well thats what the wicked says anyway ,any road up, ive dragged it out any started bodging with renewed vigour,all has gone well, head bearings sorted…[Read more]

  • hello its me snakey
    went for a run out today to slater brother s laverda but like my hair its gone it no longer exists.I could not afford one in 1979 and i still cant now but it was nice to walk round the showroom and have a little dream.The ride was as good as ever great B roads with very little traffic G1 heaven
    kaptainkwak happy birthday you…[Read more]

  • hello can anyone see this.are there any pictures on this thing ,if its worked these are pictures of my G model 750 and its fekin ace. thank god for gpz500 carbs and xs650 inlet manifolds the paintwork needs doing but its winter soon so maybe next year .kaptainkwak has this worked ,have i made contact from the great beyond aka wolverhampton or have…[Read more]