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  • Picked up another twin yesterday with good bodywork so I changed it over to my other bike just now.

  • Hi Stu. Just to let you know that Harrisons have come back to me and said they can do the exhaust pipes. Cheers, Colin.

  • The bike is running good now.

  • The bike is back now complete with new exhausts

    • Hi Stu. Looks great, may I ask who made the S/steel down pipes for you please? I’m looking for a set for mine. I want to use them with the Marving silencers made for the Z750B, supplied by Wemotec. Is that what you have on yours? It looks like it.

      • The downpipes were made in stainless by Harrison Performance. They are near Edinburgh. I had to take the bike to them and they cost £500.The silencers were of Ebay.

        • Thank you for that Stu, much appreciated. I will contact them. Did they include the balance pipe or did you not bother with that?

          • I didnt bother with the balance pipe.

            • Thank you again Stu. The original silencers were so restrictive that they strangled the bike, the balance pipe was needed to reduce back pressure by allowing each cylinder to vent through both. With less restrictive silencers it shouldn’t be necessary, so I will probably do the same as you.