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Not Long to go now! … 23 Days

I have asked if there are any plans for Sunday?

I am thinking of doing a short ride low mileage day out to Bastogne.

We would not have to leave to early in the morning, as some people will be leaving on the Sunday, and I don’t wish to appear rude by leaving to early on a day out.

Bastogne is meant to be a lovely tourist town, so lots of cafes and tourist type shops. It is also a town with some military history. So there are some monuments and interesting sites and museums to see.

Also not far from Bastogne is a small town called Foy. I have an interest in seeing the Fox holes in the Bois Jacques woods just outside of the town. There is also a monument left by Tom Hanks to the men of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne depicted in the TV Series “Band of Brothers”

below is a map of a rough route that I have in mind.

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