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Well Folks …. Looks like you will have to put up with my persistent project posting a little more!

Just as I thought id got it cracked!… She eludes me once more!

It got as close as putting fuel in her to see if I could get her to fire in her own right!

Alas Not to be! Its like all good stories Just as you think its coming to an end there’s another little twist!

Well this is a classic! As is the bike so it can only be expected I suppose!

I don’t think the Zmuggler is her name now? I think that’s her class!

Her Name is “The Red Pearl” Her Class is a “Zmuggler”

I say this because I can shorten her name to Pearl, which matches the Cantankerous Old Girl that causes havoc by being stubborn!that she is!

And Ive come to the conclusion that i’m not actually her owner,I’m her carer! 👿

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