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Ok very small update. But it all counts.

I have been concentrating on getting my CB1000 ready for our Cornwall trip, so the Twin had to take a back seat for a while.

But now the Honda is as good as ready to go. And Michael has inspired me to get cracking again on the Twin.

A seat lock outer bit has been sourced it just doesn’t have any internals as it had been drilled out.But lucky for me KK has come up with an ingenious way to make it so it works and it will be a bit of a quirk.

Also the head bearings were all loose, and I had play in the front end. But that has now also been sorted just by adjusting the tightness of the headstock.;)

So all that’s left now for the Mot is get a battery on her and get her in.

Next job after that is sort my seat out with a rebuild and recover i’m going to get it done properly and not just make do with the one Ive got,as close up I think it lets the bike down.

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