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Thanks KK

Michael Thanks for the words of wisdom, always gratefully received off your good self. :O)

I have had some work to do on the Carbs,as the bike was not running well enough to Ride more than 3 or 4 miles. As the bike would not pull away unless you gave it lots of throttle, and it was bogging down.

So after trying to adjust the Carbs through the Air Screw on the bottom of the carburettor to try and richen up the mix, But this was with limited success! It was apparent that the Pilot Jet was going to have to be swapped out for a Bigger one.

I have now taken out the 35 Pilot Jet, and swapped it for a 40. But with this change the needle clip had to be raised up a couple of notches,so the needle was slightly longer. This means the fuel mix will weaken just a little. I had to do this because what I found with the 40 Pilot Jets and the Fact that I had put my Needle clip to the last possible notch to make my fuel mix richer.
This was to rich with the 40’s and the bike was over fuelling on run off as you let go of the throttle and stalling the bike.

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