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I had to go and check then!…No its just camera angle! 👿

Well Ive moved the horn, I have actually looked through my parts and found the original horn and bracket, after Michael told me what it looked like and where it was fitted. Ive fitted the horn I had on in its proper place on the frame now,But there is a snapped stud in one of the holes,so I can’t refit the original horn yet!

The indicators on the front of the bike were the US twin filament bulb type! I wasn’t happy with them,they seamed dimmer? So I have swapped the bulb holders out for standard UK spec ones, and that seams to have made them much better!

Ive also fitted the side panel badges to the panels now,and Ive lacquered in my sticker that I got for inside the rear tail piece. 😉

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