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Michael / Phil,

many thanx gents.

Phil,please send me details. Michael – thanx but I fear the carriage would make a deal out of the question.

I have the PC doctor coming today, and hopefully he can restore my main PC – and more important, retrieve the 1000’s of photos and documents – then we start again !

After all the foregoing doom and gloom from last year / this year [ so far !! ]things were finally moving along with my bike projects all THREE ].

Hopefully the wheels will be off for blasting and P/C next week.

I have a pal who has said he will make up the Weber intake [ 40DCOE ]. I already have the flanges. The final expensive bit will be the exhaust. has to be twin high level pipes similar to the BSA Spitfire Scrambler / Honda Trailees [ CS ? ].

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