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Thanx for the kind thoughts ………. the passing of my MIL hit me real hard – not yer average witch of a MIL, but a real friend and only 6 years older than myself [ Mrs. B is a lot younger than me ! ]

After the last year I had including visiting the vets every TWO days to have the dog’s wounds redressed [ 6 months ] – I really did say “why me !!!”

Anyway – all that behind me now and forging forward with my 3 projects – BMW Kay Fighter, Yamaha TR1 Vindicator Cafe Racer and of course the KZ.

Plenty of pix, but on hold for publishing at the moment as I was on Photobucket when the virus struck my PC. Coincidence, when I had a virus 4 years ago – I was also on Photobucket at the time !

Apart from money [ !! ] the only hold ups now are the Weber intake manifold and the high level pipes.

I’m going for a Daylight MOT and I will be fitting Race style number plates side and front. Let’s see what’s at Stafford this weekend !

BTW – having trouble registering with the German site ???????? Is that you Michael ?

Here’s a pic of the modified frame. Instead of a traditional seat “hoop”, I’ll be making a tray [ 3mm steel ] where I’ll mount the electrics / battery and that will also act as an undertray for the XR 750 seat to seal out all the crud.

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