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The great thing about Webers / Dellortos / Solex carbs of this style are the ease of tuning and loads of spares at reasonable prices. Also loads of carbs around – £50 – £100. Also they don’t need individually setting up as twin carbs.

There is also a good range of choke sizes around what we need for these bikes of ours. Typically 38mm or 40 mm chokes would be good. As far as I’m concerned that is one more part on the bike which is “future proofed” – knowing I can always get spares, jets, etc. They’re also damn good carbs !

My problem [ one of them ! ] is although I am an auto engineering designer with many auto designs to my credit – I am NOT a welder / machinist. That is to say I can stick two bits of metal together – but it’s not pretty ! I’d rather leave that to the experts.

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