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I will go out to the shed later and take a good look at my Tarrozis – and a picture or two !

Bonus with the Gixer oil pump.

It arrived today. I did not know – but it has TWO feeds – one is high volume for oil cooling [ internal ] and the other is high pressure for the main engine bearings etc. This is for the patented Suzuki SCAS oil cooled system.

What are the chances of that being EXACTLY what I need ! Oil cooler AND turbo supply – happy.

I just have to devise [ and get made ! ] a drive from the points central bolt.

I have a plan to mount the pump AND oil cooler under the sump – with protection of course.

The pump has plenty of output for my needs – and even a scavenge for the Turbo oil return. It looks like this system could easily be adapted and retrofitted to stock bikes [ non-turbo of course! ]

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