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MOB thanx for your input and helpful links.

Oil cooler – a must with a turbo as the oil gets mighty hot. What external oil pump had you planned on using ?

The plan is to run via a separate oil supply direct to the oil cooler and thence to the turbo, giving me a good supply of cooled oil for the turbo. The turbo requirements are opposite to that of a roller bearing engine [ high volume relatively low pressure ]- Turbo requires high pressure oil supply, volume not as critical.

I can get stainless bends similar to the ones on your link, but alas I am NO welder [ in ANY material ! ]. I already have the exhaust stubs.

The rev limiter you linked to is OK, but I need something with a top end ignition retard. I have a Micro Dynamics unit – but I need to check out if it will be suitable for a twin [ it’s for a four cyl. ]

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