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Yes, that’s exactly what I need !

It will assist with sorting out the oil cooler / turbo oiling and hopefully give me a pointer into making up an auxiliary oil supply.

Chrislwg has made a superb conversion, but sadly a one off !

I will be looking at the viability of a retro fit stand alone oil supply for peeps who want / need an oil cooler.

You all know my lack of facilities / skills, so I will be relying on others to get all my projected parts made. Sadly these days I am just an “ideas” man.

So, please let me know how you want to proceed with your damaged cases.

Happy to pay for carriage ( won’t need much wrapping ! ) or I can pay from my end. I use Interparcel.

At a later stage I’ll be on the lookout for damaged barrels / head to assist with other “whatifs”.

KK – pix upcoming after the weekend – I’m still in the process of shaking off this lurgi – THREE weeks now! So it will be the weekend before I get stuck in again.

I have to say everything ( unusually ) is really falling into place. The completed system could easily be adapted for road bikes. In fact, after discussions with Greg over on the DTT forum, I’m happy that the system will remain street able. Tee – hee.

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