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The bright sunshine and 10 degree + weather that greeted me Sunday morning was an encouragement to get in the shed and do some of the mundane measuring and generally talking to myself [ I’m a good listener ].

The TR1 “Vindicator” tank is a no go as it will require virtually starting again.

That leaves me with a bit of a styling dilemma – stick to the current Flat Tracker look – or full on 60’s style Cafe Racer. Apart from the tank – I have all the relevant bits and now there’s something of a competitive element creeping in – maybe clip ons would be better !

I’ve drawn up the schematics for the proposed oil cooler / turbo oil supply and I even tripped over a box of unused stainless hoses and anodised alloy fittings left over from my car manufacturing days. That’ll hopefully save me a few pennies.

I also had a final think about spacers etc for the Grimeca front wheel and spoked XS500 rear. I’m pretty happy I’ve come up with a simple solution which will mean the very minimum of outwork.

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