Re: Re: I’ve Started


I am battling on today but I have to keep coming in to warm my hands as its a very cold day out there. So far I have managed to rebuild and fit the calipers, rebuild and fit the master cylinders and refit the switch gear. Everything is becoming a challenge though in its own right. The biggest one at the moment is the front wheel. For some reason it seems to be about 2mm off centre to the forks. Strange. Both discs are almost touching on the right hand side of their respective calipers. It was the same with my CSR forks but I was able to space the caliper from the forks with a couple of washers. I am wondering if the wheel is actually from a Y LTD model as I thought it was.

I can’t fix the issue as I did with the CSR forks as that would work OK with the left caliper but I would need to modify the braket on the right hand side.

Time to call my engineer I think.

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