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Hi captain kwak, put the carbs back on the bike, after having cleaned, and flushed with carb cleaner plus blowing every thing through with compressed air. when i started the bike i pulled the choke out to first notch, bike starts no problem with a slight increase in revs, but as bike warms i have to keep turning the idle down [ of choke } untill its at operating temp, i cant ride the bike any distance because it doesnt have reg plates. If i let the engine cool of then start again then i have to turn the idle back up other wise it will just stall. Ive adjusted the idle mixture screws to 2.5 turns. i replaced idle jets with nr 45 thats the same size as what was in there, would that be .45mm?. I have contact with a Kawasaki dealer here, he is pretty up to date with the older bikes, he suggested i ultraaoon the carbs and start all over again. well thats the update untill now. monday im of to Portugal for three weeks hols, cheers for now Tony.

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