• Hello Michael, are you the german guy from the 750 twin site? if so i liked your posts on the Mikuni carb and head gasket repair. Thanks for the info, im going to have my carbs ultrasooned, and then start again. You say your bike idles at 1800rpm, that is high, am i right in assuming that if you adjusted the tick over lower, that it would stall…[Read more]

  • Hi captain kwak, put the carbs back on the bike, after having cleaned, and flushed with carb cleaner plus blowing every thing through with compressed air. when i started the bike i pulled the choke out to first notch, bike starts no problem with a slight increase in revs, but as bike warms i have to keep turning the idle down [ of choke } untill…[Read more]

  • Hi captain kwak, thanks for the info, tomorrow at work i will give every thing a good blow through with compressed air and carb cleaner, i noticrd that the left hand carb had much more gunge, reason being my bike is not fitted with a centre stand, and it was stored on side stand. Are you using synthetic oil in your bike? we use it in all the…[Read more]

  • Hi captain kwak, i took the cabs of today, and dismantled everthing, i did notice that they wernt sync, i cleaned all jets and jet holders, also one float is higher than the other, what is the correct setting?
    Should the bike fast idle on choke, ther is no fast idle cam like on the kehin carb, i assume the vacuum created by the open choke…[Read more]

  • Hi Pat, how would i go about posting some photos of my bike?