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Had a Good ride today. 🙂

Went over to KKs and Had a run out.

We didn’t get as much riding as we were going to get done! But KK found a problem with his front end, the fork seals were leaking! So he swapped the whole front end over onto a spare set of forks he had! lol …. What other bike can you do that on? 😕 😆

Anyway we got out and rode about 50 miles on different kinds of roads, anything from Pot Holed single track Country roads to Motorways.

My Bike could maybe do with a slightly bigger main jet?

I did get up to Motorway running speed so I’m not worried about it for now. But we recon we got up to about 90mph but this was pushing the bike! I felt happy at about 65/70mph The wind Blast was acceptable at this speed to!

I think that my total mileage for the day was about 70 miles? and the last 15 miles were with the main lights on

My Battery is now reading 13.05 volts, So that to me is a good sign that I now have a working Charging system 🙂

So I am a Very Happy Man.

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