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Well KK has set the bar high with his efforts on his bike!

So I have to try and get my little finishing touches done and dusted before we go on the international meet.

1) Sort oil leak from the starter motor seal.
2) Remove Exhaust
3) Drop the oil and remove sump to check oil pickup on the oil pump is clear, & sort a new gasket as I had a small leak on the sump pan.
4) Fit a rear braided brake hose
5) Look at front brake line down to the switch it is a little to long & loops back on its self.
6) Add new fluid and bleed all the brakes.
7) Fit new Exhaust Down pipes & Rear Sections.
8) Oil & Filter change
9) Touch up some scratches in my paint That I’ve scratched with all the constant messing about with taking the body work on & off!
10) Finish the rear wheels spokes on the Mag Wheel to match the front & fit a new rear tyre.

Once I’ve got those jobs done and some more test miles ridden, I will be good to go! 🙂

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