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It was an excellent ride for about 800 km with new “Jekyll or Hyde” to the german Twin meeting.

The TÜV/MOT examination at 19. June included the sound test with K+N filters and the new exhaust. The tester stated that it is “about” in the limits. Now the exhaust and the other components like clip-ons, recessed footpegs, lamp cover, fork and front brake of GPZ750 (four cyl., 1982) are registered and legal for street use 😉

I had to change the seat and the rear covers before going to TÜV, as I found the new seating position doesn’t allow the use of the former JnH stuff.
So I took the stuff of a complete (but not running!) Kawasaki EL250 “Eliminator”, modified that and fixed it to the bike.
I don’t have photographs of that condition, but had to change that immediately after TÜV to have a baggage carrier. I removed the rear cover and replaced it with a wooden construction, this time painted black. I only had a few hours to prepare that carrier and attached is the result:

Will swap that back to the nice cover in the next days, clean the bike, polish it and then I can do some more Photos 😉

Cheers, Michael

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