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Hi guys,

I’ve brought JnH to a bike service station close to my home by a trailer.
Reason was the change of the rear end mounting plate. The existing one was welded from under the frame tube and that caused some trouble and difficult mounting.
That plate is removed completely and a new plate is welded from above the frame tube. Much cleaner and much easier to fix rear mudguard, number plate, etc.

After I have thought about fixing the rear fairing and the seat to it, the latest idea is to make all that stuff hinged and foldaway.
Having the seat fixed to the fairing and using a hinge at the rear end, I can fold it up to the back, giving me full access to electric components and the battery.
A single lock can be used to secure that in position. The seat should cover a small part of the fuel tank, so the sitting position with the clip-ons will be improved and the tank is secured as well 😉

A new mount was welded to the frame to support the exhaust mounting.

After some trial ‘n’ error with the front mudguard I have ordered the original Z750E one, which fits the Z750GP front fork that I use. It is a large one and will do a good job to keep the bike and motor clean. I am not sure about the look of that, but I like it in some way 😉

Cheers, Michael

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