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Honda VFR: Front wheel bearings and sealing changed. That was an easy job 🙂

Maria’s LTD: Swapped rear mudguard to a short CSR version, swapped rear inner mudguard to a non broken one. Swapped rear light incl blinker arms to a not bend (= straight) one.
Tried to fit luggage carrier and found that it doesn’t match the LTD frame. Latches are about 1 cm to short and seat / bench can’t be fully opened as it touches grab rail. Stopped that action.

Dirtbike: Main switch wired correctly. Starter motor is working, but starter clutch is defective. Kickstarter shaft is bent, so kicker get stuck in the downward position when used.
No sparks yet. Will have a further look today.


Cheers, Michael

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