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There are only some goldfish in the “lower” pond (could be seen in foreground at first picture)
The new “upper” pond (second picture) has a runlet to lower pond.
A solar powered pump sucks water from lower pond and expells it to the upper pond.
Both ponds are just approx 50 cm away from each other and at full water level the upper level is just 3 cm higher than lower level.
Upper level will stay constant, lower level may vary depending on weather conditions (evaporisation)

No plans to have fish in the upper pond. We naturally have some frogs, toads and newts.
Fish are eating their spawn and I want to avoid that in that pond 🙂

This battery is smaller than stock.
It has just 10 Ah. Most batts in same size are offered as 9 Ah batts.
The width of this battery is a bit more than stock. It doesn’t fit into stock battery box !

Cheers, Michael

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