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Hi Tango,

Honda used these handlebar switches at many models.
These are of a NTV650 Revere, my VFR750 has the same ones, your CB1000 and more.
The case is the same, cable length vary.
There is a 9-pole connector used, mechanically matching the Kawasaki ones 🙂
Need to swap pins in the connector for correct matches 🙂
Even additional cables (clutch lever switch) are existing 🙂

I love these switch units 🙂
They are slim, have good ergonomy and winker can be reset just by pushing the button 🙂

Right hand side has a lights switch (Off – Park – On). Currently I am using the CSR switches and they don’t have a light switch.

My new round headlight has an LED ring used as parking light and it looks so cooool when only that one is on, but currently I can’t switch only that on.

You will see that live in Belgium 🙂

Cheers, Michael

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