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Hi KK,

I know clock is ticking 🙂
I am out in the garage every day now to achieve some more progress 🙂
Weather is fine as well and I want to ride this bike !
It is so cool 🙂
Wonna hear the sound of the new exhaust. Have never heard it by now !
CU on “Jekyll or Hyde” in Belgium :-)))

Finish / paint will not be perfect, but bike / frame is from 1976, so it is 38 years old now.

Will do it nice and working for Belgium but on the long run it will be dismantled completely again.
Powdercoating the frame and wheels, painting other parts, chrome here and there, cleaning the engine, the typical stuff to restore an old bike 🙂

Deadline is Thursday, 12th of June, in the evening, no extension ! 🙂

Cheers, Michael

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