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Hi Tango,

don’t worry !
You will find a lot of exciting solutions at “Jekyll or Hyde” and a close to very good working bike, but there are still a lot of old and sometimes rusty parts on it 🙂

Work is never done if you love and ride your youngtimer bike ;-)))
Or is it already an Oldtimer ?

In Germany we can get an “H” on the number plate if the bike (or car) is close to stock and older than 30 years !
The “H” stands for “historic” !
It doesn’t bring any (tax) advantage using that on the 750Twins, so no one is going for it.
With “old” cars it is very common as you can save a lot of tax and you are allowed to enter pollution restricted city areas!

My “J or H” can’t get it at all.
It has matching age, but overall appearance is way to far from stock !

Cheers, Michael

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