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Hi guys,

as I use an aftermarket ignition switch, an aftermarket rectifier and flasher switch, Honda handlebar switches and I want to integrate an intelligent “start control system”, it is hard to find the correct wiring scheme 🙁

Made several wiring progress, eg. alternator, neutral, oil pressure and (additional) side stand switch (re-)wiring without any connectors used all the way up to the underseat electric area. Cables run in the middle of the bike, right in between the K+N-airfilters/Pods.

But at this stage I have to admit that I can’t understand the logic behind the 4-pole ignition switch ?
Was in use before but that was reduced to 2-pole switching (ON / OFF).
Want to improve that situation.

Refused to use that fucking 4-pole switch!
Ordered a 6-pole ignition switch today, which logic I understand 🙂
May arrive hopefully on Saturday, but may be here Monday as well 🙁

Cheers, Michael

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