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Made some progress 🙂
Currently use temporary 12V DC input as ignition switch will be here by Monday 🙁
Got the head lights on, switchable as they should be 🙂
Low beam ok and high beam with blue control LED as well.
Use extrem slim cables to wire the LEDs used as signal lamps and front parking light (“ring of 8 LEDs”).
Will do that with rear light and brake light as well, as that is LED, too.
That causes additional attention using the crimping tool and it is not working perfect with these very slim cables (AWG18/0.82mm² and AWG20/0.52mm²).
Made some crimpings today with the slim cables attached to the LED signal lamps, but could remove some connectors just by pulling them apart.

Got the clutch switch (at clutch hand lever) back in action.
Plan is to make it obligatory to pull clutch lever first, before starter motor will turn. (As known from CSRs)

Side stand switch, Kill switch and Neutral indicator switch should be combined in a way, that it is possible to start the bike on side stand and Neutral engaged. If side stand is still engaged but one shifted to first gear ignition will go off.
Would be a copy of todays security features !

Didn’t work on flashers or brake light yet.

As “JoH” is going to be black again, it may be renamed !
“Back in Black” !!!

Cheers, Michael

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