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Hi KK,

good idea 🙂
Please don’t prepare the bottle of Champagne to hit the bike for renaming 🙂

Did some good progress yesterday and today.
Ignition switch didn’t arrive yet but I managed to wire and test all electrical circuit using temporary connections to PLUS 12 V 🙂

Except the Horn and the security functions to start the bike (additional side stand switch, neutral indicator integration and clutch lever switch) everything is done and working properly 🙂
Including control/signal lamps.
What a hazzle !

Finished the day in the garage with connecting the ignition, swapping the starter relais and finally bridge it to start the engine 🙂
After a few attempts and as good as the starter clutch allowed it, “Back in Black” finally fired up !!!

First time that I could hear the sound from the new exhaust 🙂
What should I say, it’s great !!!
Bit to loud to be treated legal in Germany, but very clear articulation of the engine.
Lovin’ it !!!
You can set the idle revs as low as you like and engine is still running and vibrating 🙂

Hope ignition switch will arrive tomorrow.
Will wire it up and then bike season 2014 can start on “Back in Black” as well.

Front mud guard and fuel tank are already repainted to semi gloss black 🙂
Best wishes from the rattle cans !

After finishing the electrics I only have to laminate / work with glassfiber, to get rear fairing finished.
… and to “Paint it Black”

Cheers, Michael

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