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    Well I have a good tent But its a bit to large for the bike.

    I wanted a cheap Tent that is small enough to go on the bike, but it has enough room to put a chair in, so I can chill out in its porch bit if the weather is to wet. I also like the tents I use on my Motorbikes to have the Outer part of the tent pitch first, and then clip the bedroom in once its up, this is a great feature if its raining when you arrive.

    I found this tent in the Winter Sales at the online Blacks Outdoor Store.

    Not a Bad price for a Cheap tent for the bike that looks like it will serve me well for what I want.

    CheapTent for use on the Bike.


    Oh Yer forgot to mention.

    Some of you may think Why has he gone for a Three man Tent if he wants small for the bike.

    I have to take into consideration that my wife Rides to so I buy on the off chance that we have a warm summer and I can twist her arm to come on a weekend camping run with me? 😕

    “So that’s Only two!” I hear you say.

    But then factor in your panniers and Helmets and bulky bike gear when you don’t have it on!

    So as a rule I always go one person more for a tent that I intend to use on the bike. and I like to keep them cheap and replace regularly.

    Plus if you have any unforeseen accidents of any kind! Its not the end of the world to bin it and Go and buy another where ever you are!


    makes sound sense,i use a 5 man tent,loads of room and I can stand up in it,im over 6ft,always manages to get it on the bike with 2 chairs,quilt and 2 airbeds plus clothes


    A chair to chill out on after a good days ride is so much better than sitting on the floor! So a chair is a must for me to.

    And an air bed is great for a good nights sleep these days! Gone is the time I just use to throw my leather Jacket on the floor to sleep on! 😕

    Another must for me is a Mini Stove to boil water for a Brew!

    Any Body Else got any Tips?


    Hi Tango,

    not just what you are looking for, but here is my tent report, part 1 🙂

    I have bought a tent a few years ago. It is good for two persons plus baggage. It was not cheap (100 Euros) for it’s size, but it has the stakes foldable and ready to use included. The idea is close to an umbrella mechanism. Double walls also ready attached.

    Unpacked and erected in 20 seconds by one person.
    It will keep you, your better half and the stuff dry, even when erected in heavy rain.
    Some more time has to be spend to fixen the foretent as an entrance and to handle the tent pegs and cords 😉
    It is not high enough to stand in there. Use of a chair is limited as there is no spare space for that.

    Largest disadvantage is the size to transport. It is in a roll and the width is approx 70 cm.



    Tent report part 2:

    In super markets / discounters there are often tents offered.
    The large ones for up to 4 persons a separate foretent where you can place your chair, even the bike and stand upright is about 100 Euros as well.
    They are also about 70 cm wide when packed but have about 15 kg of weight and it is nearly impossible to erect it as a single person or during strong wind!

    We have two of those tents and used both of them during our camping holidays at Lago di Garda / Garda Lake in northern Italy. Just two persons per tent, then you have a lot of space and possibilities in there 🙂



    Tent report part 3:

    A matching solution for your needs may be a Tipi.

    Don’t buy this one, it is not good quality. That’s just an example!

    Cheers, Michael


    I like the look of the of option 2

    But as you say they are impossible to put up if it’s just me on my own.

    So with a bit of luck I hope I have chosen wisely?

    The Coleman Tasman only takes 10 minutes to pitch
    and it’s only 120cm tall at the highest point So I should be able to pitch on my own.
    It is 3000mm hydrostatic tested So it should be waterproof enough to stay dry even in quite bad weather.
    It packs into a 61cm x 18cm bag
    And it only weighs 5.2kg so just over 11lbs (Two bags of potatoes) so easily transported on a motorcycle
    It also states that the Colman Tasman can fit a chair and small table in the porch section.


    Ah, sorry, now I’ve got the point.
    You have already bought that tent 🙂

    Looks good but you will need a low chair if you want to sit in there 😉



    Ha Ha I thought the same thing Michael? But I’m trusting Coleman that it will fit a chair in as it says in its advertisement. 😳

    I’m Not the smallest of people ..

    SHUT IT KK! :hammer:

    .. but I will make the best of it besides Who will care after a few Beers :pint:

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