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    Just had a thought, My chain needs a slight adjustment.

    But if I set the chain to have an inch of play while it is on its side stand, and then I get on the bike, with luggage. Will this make a difference to its setting?

    Do I need it to be about an inch if play when loaded?


    Hi Tango,
    i’ve just seen that no one’s replied to you. As you have to know (i’m sure you did)is the tightest tension of the drive chain, when the centers of gear shaft, swing arm axle and rear wheel axle are in a line. In this case you need a little bit of play at the tightest place of your chain, and you have first to find out this point of your chain. Possible that your chain is not stretched evenly, most are so.
    And if you’ve aligned those three axles and got the tightest point just in the middle between gear axle and rear wheel axle, give it a inch play.
    Maybe it seems to be to much, but it’s better then to tight.
    I found this point by tighten the wheel up with a ratchet belt, bike standing on the center stand.
    Hope you’ll find success and please excuse my english.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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