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    Hi Guys (and Gals)Started to strip the KZ to get the frame coated,I seem to think I have to remove the top cover on the engine before it will allow me to slide the engine out. Is this correct?
    I wish previous owners had applied a little grease to bolts before assembling,had to use loads of heat to prevent things braking!! Cheers Mike


    Hi Mikeonabike
    It is possible to remove the engine with the top cover on. It is tight but can be done


    Cheers, I will give it a try then have a dry run at getting it back in again before I get the frame coated.


    It’s been while, but I don’t remember ever having to take a cover off to get the engine out. Just tip the bike on the floor to the right, grab the frame and wriggle and shout at it. HTH.


    Lol, I had already made my mind up to lay it on its side and lift the frame off the engine, may get around to it in the morning, I am actually more concerned about getting it back in when the frame has been coated 🙁 It looks quite tight and very very heavy!


    FYI the engine weighs about 75kg. In ye olde English that’s 12 stone. I happened to have some scales in my garage. Happy humping. For some reason it always seemed easier to get in than out, maybe because when it goes in the idea is to get something to support it, but on the way out the first thing liable to support it is your toe.


    Hi guys,

    I prefer to remove the top cover.
    That allows a little bit more space between engine and frame.

    I know the technique of laying a bike on the side (our Twins need to lay right side down) and lift the frame off the engine but never did it myself.

    The first and most critical area is the lower rear engine mounting. Engine needs to slide in between the two flanges.

    To protect the frame I place cloth (old T-shirt, etc.) at least around the lower right hand tube and fix it with tape.
    It is impossible not to touch that tube with the heavy engine.

    Good luck !

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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