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    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    as always some questions appear with carbs, I have modified a graphic, originally from Dynojet. I have translated wording from german back to english and swapped the numbers mentioned at the rev axle with percent.
    Typically it is used up to max power revs, so with our Twins that is 7.000 rpm. Just use 700 per every 10% step and you will have the related revs with our Twins 🙂
    Typical idle speed is at around 15% and equals to 1050 rpm.

    In this form it can be used with any other engine fed by carbs 🙂

    Good luck !

    Cheers, Michael


    Excellent Michael. Thank You.

    I have a set of carbs for mine with stage 3 jets fitted. I did not expect to get them set up for Belgium but with this you never know.




    Hi KK,

    the hardest work to do is to remove the stock airbox 🙂

    Not sure with CSR but with LTD it can only be removed when rear wheel, battery box and rear inner mudguard (black plastic) is removed.
    Then there is space to get the airbox out all the way to the back.

    I highly recommend original K&N filters or other filters that use the same (single piece) rubber to connect to carbs and to hold filter material.

    Had bad experience with pods that use a metal sheet to sit on the carb end rubber connector. Can be pushed away from the rubber.
    With “Single rubber piece filters” this can’t happen at any circumstances.

    When pods are mounted, removal and rejetting of carbs is a story of a few minutes 🙂

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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