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    Hi guys,
    Anyone got any header pipes for sale?

    Or has anyone sussed out if there are headers from another bike that will fit??

    Thanks guys K x


    Hi Kaye,

    Peter from Germany is producing down pipes from stainless steel.
    It is for a 2-in-2 exhaust layout without connection pipe.
    Unpolished for 270,- Euros,
    polished around 450,- Euros.

    I expect he has some in stock or can produce them within a few weeks.

    Cheers, Michael

    Pic shows the unpolished version.
    I have marked the approx. 15° upswept end of the downpipe, which is welded to it. That makes it easy to fit just the silencers you like.


    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your reply but i have decided to have a go at making my own pipes out of seamless tube, i fancy having a bash at making some hi level ones and i’ll keep you posted …

    Thanks Kaye..


    Fair enough 😉

    Good luck !

    Cheers, Michael


    Now that will be interesting Yorkshire Kaye.

    Many have tried and most have failed to produce decent downpipes. From what you have achieved so far with the 2 twins you have done I am optimistic you will see this through.

    Good Luck and keep us updated


    Made from standard bends, cut and welded(Carefully)ground back with a flapper wheel then painted with engine enamel, Cost about £30+ paint.
    “Oh” did I not mention the hours!!!


    Thanks guys,KK & Mikeonabike
    Well i now have a 12 tonne pipe bender in my workshop so i’m going to have a bash, mainlly because i want hi level pipes “just to be differant”….and going to try making them out of one piece, hmm well i’ll keep ya posted, oh mikeonabike i was looking at standard bends and thought about all the welding…..thank’s again rgds K

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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