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    Hi folks, I’ve rejoined after a long gap in membership.

    I’ve had four of these zeds (so far) over the years and the latest one I’ve had for 21 years now. It will follow me to the grave now. No way am I going to make the mistake of selling one again!

    Marvellous bikes. Looking forward to exploring the group once again.

    Enjoy your rides folks.



    Hello Millosman and a big welcome back. I did remember your name when I approved your application.

    Once these bikes get under your skin it’s difficult to get away. I know this only too well as I have been totally taken over now with several bikes and a rather large collection of new and used parts.

    I have now taken over the site as you can probably see revamped it and added quite a lot of new content, all of which I own and am sharing with you all.

    Which model have you got now?




    Hi Kaptain

    I can certainly agree on that score, they do get under your skin these zeds.

    I wanted one when they first came out, as before that I had lusted for a Bonnie. I thought they might be similar in character but without the issues of reliability etc.

    Reckon that was right. I’ve since had a Bonnie and yer, lots of character but I spent my life fixing it.

    When I got back on the Kwak after that,  the Kwak was blooming marvellous.

    Never getting rid of no 3. This one’s a KZ B4 by the way, as you asked.

    I’ve got most of a UK one too that I bought for spares except the frame, forks and a few bits i let go of so I’ve got some spares to keep me going altho it looks like parts for it are much reduced now. Where might we get oversize pistons for a rebore nowadays? I’d love an original exhaust for it or a close repro.

    Great to see the site updated and still going strong. Keep it up Kaptain. Lol


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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